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About Me 

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     I have always been privileged to know exactly what my dream is. It all started in freshman year high school. I wanted to get out of PE and I was placed in Partners in PE, a class that assigned students with special needs students. I was assigned to a kid named Dennis and although he was in a wheelchair and could not speak, we always found ways to have fun in PE. We square-danced with his wheelchair and I found ways to make him laugh. It was addicting. From there on the path towards my dream was set.


11 years of experience summarized:

  • After undergrad, I became a Behavior Technician.

  • Then began working as a Special Education teacher.

  • I was then promoted to Special Education Department Chair.

  • Then I was appointed as Special Education Behavior Specialist.

  • I then received a master’s degree in Education Leadership

  • Before finally becoming a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who now specializes in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy.


     In opening my clinic, crafting individualized ABA therapy plans, and helping kids with autism reach their learning goals and realize their potential, I’ve realized my own. The easiest part of my job is believing that my clients can reach their goals. The most exciting part is finding out how. My day is filled with laughter, cries, hardship, possibilities and most of all passion. 

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- Salma Haji, BCBA

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